Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The latest ICADs

Dear Friends,

These past few days, I have been feeling as though I want to run away from home. My leg pain is still here, I've been having troubles with some nutty neighbors, and the unemployment blues are ever-present.

One thing that's helping me cope are my ICADs. The challenges are getting to be a bit more difficult, but if I don't find any of them inspiring, I make up my own composition. It's all about freedom.

And so, without further adieu, here are my latest cards.
July 12:  Materials used:  vellum cutout, found text, scrapbook paper, various scraps. 
Pink and White:  Materials used:  Washi tape, Japanese paper, scrapbooking paper, postoids, postage stamps, punched shapes.

Documentation:  Materials used: Actual documents from package from Japan (I ordered washi tape).

Ruler:  Materials used: Tim Holtz stickers, British postage stamp, vintage text, Tintz walnut ink.
July 8:  Materials used: Background from B-Muse, found image, vintage text. Walnut ink background.
Window:  Images from Paper Whimsy and from flickr collage image group; Faber-Castell Gelatos.
Library Card:  Materials used: Found image; vintage library card.
July 13:  Materials used:  Punched leaves, vintage sheet music, image of child, background papers.

Hope you enjoy them! Here are some links to others' cards. As the summer goes on, I am being wowed by so many others' work.
Also, you might want to check out this swap from Lenna Andrews. Since seashells and the ocean have been on my mind a lot lately, I'll bet you can guess what my postcards will feature! There are still spaces available in the swap (limit is 50) so head on over to Lenna's blog and sign up.  Her swaps are a lot of fun and you will receive lovely, quality artwork in them.

Till next time--have a wonderful day!


  1. These are really great! REALLY great!

    I'm kind of in the same boat, emotionally- this summer has been a bit of a doozy. I'm just trying to take it moment by moment, and continually choose things I know will distract me from the negative emotions- whenever I get angry or resentful about things (I feel like I'm really struggling with time and space lately), I try to get outside in the garden and it makes it a little better.

  2. I like how you have done some of these cards vertically, Sandra! And I am glad to hear that just the act of doing them is helping you cope.

    Thank you for mentioning the postcard mail art swap too! You are one of 35 who registered, but I still have room. They are not due until 9-17-11. You can learn more here! Thanks :^ ) lenna

  3. oh what delicious little
    bites of encouragement
    ...like visual cupcakes!
    Love it....hope life sweetens
    for you as well:)

  4. Chel, it is good to hear from you! Nature is a great healer, isn't it? I need to get outdoors more, probably with my camera in tow. Moment by moment is good...something I shall try to remember.

  5. Lenna, Thank you for your compliment! It's funny about working vertically on the ICADs, because most of my ATCs are vertical...but with the ICADs, I'm working mostly in a horizontal format. Whatever! It's shaking me up out of my routine, in any event!

    Take care!

  6. Jennifer: Visual cupcakes--I like that. Of course I like real cupcakes too but I'm not supposed to eat them. :( Thank you for your sweet wishes!