Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Psyched!

Dear Friends,

I am so thrilled! My Feather ICAD card was included in one of Daisy Yellow's Mosaics as No. 14.  I feel like I did when I was in grammar school and one of my photos was pinned on the school bulletin board. Or when I was a teenager and my mom taped one of my charcoal portraits of Debbie Harry on the refrigerator along with my little sister's drawings. 

I am still doing my index cards, and will have a new bunch for you a bit later.  The sciatica that's been bothering me for over a week now has slowed me down a little. Plus, I've been working on a paper bag book through a class I took with the lovely Sarah Whitmire through Joggles.  My book has a seaside theme.  Lately I've been obsessed with seashells, coral, and the ocean (I do so wish I could visit the sea this summer).  Joggles offers excellent online classes, as well as tons of luscious supplies.

I'm also working on other online classes, including Martha Lever's Color Drop Flowers, which I started way back in May (OK, I'm a slow crafter), Liv Lane's blog class (see the badge at right), and Gina Rossi Armfield's Daily Sketchbook Class (I am pleased to say I won a place in the class!).  I won't even go into the various UFOs I have lying around the art room!  I am hoping for my birthday, I will get to take Jane Lafazio's Sketchbook and Watercolor on location class at Joggles.  I've always wanted to keep a watercolor sketchbook, and maybe this class, combined with Gina's, will give me the impetus to do so.

Anyway...enough of my nattering on.  I'll be back later with some artwork.  In the meantime, stay cool in these warm temps!


  1. Beautiful, Sandra!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful and whimsical artwork!!
    --Mary Ruth

  2. I like your new signature - looks great! (I think it's new lol)


  3. Mary Ruth--Thank you so very much! Hope you are doing well.

    Chris--Yes, it's new. Another blogger taught me how to do it. Even though it's not my handwriting (it's way nicer than mine, LOL) I think it adds a nice touch!

  4. cheering you on as your
    beauty shines bright!
    happy squeeze,

  5. Jennifer, Thank you for your encouragement! You are very sweet.