Friday, July 29, 2011

ICAD, you cad, we all cad

Dear Friends,

OK, I will be the first to admit that is a really, really bad title. But it's late at night, and I can't think of anything more clever to call this post.

I'm noticing I'm using the same colors in my ICADs lately.  I started out using some colors that I never use (such as orange and red), but am now drifting back to blues and greens, with a little hint of pink.  Perhaps this is because I've been working on some ocean-themed paper bag books.  Or maybe I'm just a creature of habit.

How about you?  Do you branch out into new colors, only to find yourself returning to the old favorites?

I'll start with a photo of my mom.  This index card is titled "Glamour."  I found this photo in my grandma's photo album when I was about 12, and have been enamored of it ever since.  We call it Mom's Glam Shot.  (Mom, if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind that I am making you famous!)

Glamour.  Materials used:  Vintage photo from my collection, various Ranger paints, Golden Fluid Acrylic Interference Blue paint, Liquitex acrylic ink. 
Clouds.  Materials used:  Golden Glazes (aquamarine), Faber-Castell Gelatos. 

ICAD for July 23.  Materials used:  Transparencies, Faber-Castell Gelatos, Faber-Castell Big Brush Pens, sticker, Japanese paper sprayed with watercolor inks. 
Stars.  Materials used:  Transparency, vintage image, colored pencils, text, Ranger Alcohol Inks.
Luck.  Materials used:  Mrs. Grossman's mulberry paper stickers, fortunes from fortune cookies, Faber-Castell Gelatos in red and copper. 
Quote.  Materials used:  Vintage image of luna moth, scrapbooking paper, gel pen, quote from Edna St. Vincent Millay. Did you know luna moths only live about one week?  That is what inspired the quote.

Ivy.  Materials used:  Postage stamp, gel pen, scrapbooking paper. 

Envelope.  Materials used:  Handmade envelope from scrapbooking paper, Faber-Castell Gelatos. Below is the envelope with one of my artist trading cards peeking out. 

Frame.  Materials used:  Vintage image of woman, acetate frame (K & Company), vintage text.
In other news, the weather has temporarily cooled off.  But I understand it's going to hit 90 again this weekend.  I guess I'll have to hit the state park, if that's the case.  I'll also be hitting 47 this Saturday.  (My, that's a lot of hitting going on in this post).  Not exactly thrilled about it, but it is unavoidable.

Until next time, stay well, my friends!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The latest ICADs

Dear Friends,

These past few days, I have been feeling as though I want to run away from home. My leg pain is still here, I've been having troubles with some nutty neighbors, and the unemployment blues are ever-present.

One thing that's helping me cope are my ICADs. The challenges are getting to be a bit more difficult, but if I don't find any of them inspiring, I make up my own composition. It's all about freedom.

And so, without further adieu, here are my latest cards.
July 12:  Materials used:  vellum cutout, found text, scrapbook paper, various scraps. 
Pink and White:  Materials used:  Washi tape, Japanese paper, scrapbooking paper, postoids, postage stamps, punched shapes.

Documentation:  Materials used: Actual documents from package from Japan (I ordered washi tape).

Ruler:  Materials used: Tim Holtz stickers, British postage stamp, vintage text, Tintz walnut ink.
July 8:  Materials used: Background from B-Muse, found image, vintage text. Walnut ink background.
Window:  Images from Paper Whimsy and from flickr collage image group; Faber-Castell Gelatos.
Library Card:  Materials used: Found image; vintage library card.
July 13:  Materials used:  Punched leaves, vintage sheet music, image of child, background papers.

Hope you enjoy them! Here are some links to others' cards. As the summer goes on, I am being wowed by so many others' work.
Also, you might want to check out this swap from Lenna Andrews. Since seashells and the ocean have been on my mind a lot lately, I'll bet you can guess what my postcards will feature! There are still spaces available in the swap (limit is 50) so head on over to Lenna's blog and sign up.  Her swaps are a lot of fun and you will receive lovely, quality artwork in them.

Till next time--have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Psyched!

Dear Friends,

I am so thrilled! My Feather ICAD card was included in one of Daisy Yellow's Mosaics as No. 14.  I feel like I did when I was in grammar school and one of my photos was pinned on the school bulletin board. Or when I was a teenager and my mom taped one of my charcoal portraits of Debbie Harry on the refrigerator along with my little sister's drawings. 

I am still doing my index cards, and will have a new bunch for you a bit later.  The sciatica that's been bothering me for over a week now has slowed me down a little. Plus, I've been working on a paper bag book through a class I took with the lovely Sarah Whitmire through Joggles.  My book has a seaside theme.  Lately I've been obsessed with seashells, coral, and the ocean (I do so wish I could visit the sea this summer).  Joggles offers excellent online classes, as well as tons of luscious supplies.

I'm also working on other online classes, including Martha Lever's Color Drop Flowers, which I started way back in May (OK, I'm a slow crafter), Liv Lane's blog class (see the badge at right), and Gina Rossi Armfield's Daily Sketchbook Class (I am pleased to say I won a place in the class!).  I won't even go into the various UFOs I have lying around the art room!  I am hoping for my birthday, I will get to take Jane Lafazio's Sketchbook and Watercolor on location class at Joggles.  I've always wanted to keep a watercolor sketchbook, and maybe this class, combined with Gina's, will give me the impetus to do so.

Anyway...enough of my nattering on.  I'll be back later with some artwork.  In the meantime, stay cool in these warm temps!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's All in the Cards

Hi, Friends,

This will be a quick one, as I am sorry to say I am suffering from sciatica at the moment, and sitting at the computer for any length of time isn't easy.  But!  I wanted to share with you my latest batch of ICAD creations.  I hope you like them!

Feather:  Materials used: tissue paper, sticker, flash card, paper lace tape, scrapbook paper, rubber stamped image. 

Colored Pencil:  Materials used: colored pencils (of course!), washi tape, vintage image. 
Collage:  Materials used:  Vintage image, paper scraps, paper lace tape.

Magic Marker
Acrylics:  Materials used:  Ranger acrylic paints, scrapbooking papers. 
Masking Tape:  Materials used:  Ranger acrylic paint background with washi tape.

Caran d'Ache:  Materials used:  Caran d'ache Neocolor II water soluble crayons. 

Till next time,

Friday, July 1, 2011

On that Evil of Evils...Housework

Dear Friends,

Anyone who really knows me knows how much I hate housework.  I'd rather be doing almost anything else. Grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  Grooming a hedgehog.  Grooming a hedge. 

To paraphrase the late Laurie Colwin, housework is a kind of Mobius strip.  You no sooner finish it, than it needs to be done all over again.  Surely I was put on this earth to serve a higher purpose.

Of course, if someone doesn't clean every once in a while, a pit of filth will be the inevitable result.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who keeps our home reasonably clean and sanitary.  Though I know he is probably thinking, "Would it kill you to run the vacuum every now and then?"

To be fair, I don't think he should have to do the housecleaning, either.  I really don't.

And we can't afford a maid. 

Somewhere, I believe, there is a Housework Fairy who is going to come to my home and magically clean everything--hopefully without my actually noticing her presence, therefore removing the need to thank her for her services.  Sort of like those elves who made all the shoes for the shoemaker overnight.

Please, don't get me wrong.  I admire anyone who keeps a lovely house.  It is becoming a lost art.  I have a friend whose home is always welcoming, shiny and uncluttered.  Even though I sometimes teasingly call her "Martha,"  I wish I could be like her.  I've tried.  Only to find myself sitting on the floor, reading instead of dusting. 

And as we all know, wishing doesn't make it so. 

I do have some questions, however.  Such as:  Why does she not despise cleaning?  How does she keep up with it all?  And better yet, why are we so different?  Is it a genetic thing?  A Zen thing?  Or am I just lazy? 

 (I think I'm just lazy).

And so, my friends, I will leave you with the above image, and leave you to your own housecleaning. 

I'll be surfing the 'net, or one of the other three million time-wasters I'd rather do than clean the house.
Have a happy and safe Fourth of July,