Friday, July 29, 2011

ICAD, you cad, we all cad

Dear Friends,

OK, I will be the first to admit that is a really, really bad title. But it's late at night, and I can't think of anything more clever to call this post.

I'm noticing I'm using the same colors in my ICADs lately.  I started out using some colors that I never use (such as orange and red), but am now drifting back to blues and greens, with a little hint of pink.  Perhaps this is because I've been working on some ocean-themed paper bag books.  Or maybe I'm just a creature of habit.

How about you?  Do you branch out into new colors, only to find yourself returning to the old favorites?

I'll start with a photo of my mom.  This index card is titled "Glamour."  I found this photo in my grandma's photo album when I was about 12, and have been enamored of it ever since.  We call it Mom's Glam Shot.  (Mom, if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind that I am making you famous!)

Glamour.  Materials used:  Vintage photo from my collection, various Ranger paints, Golden Fluid Acrylic Interference Blue paint, Liquitex acrylic ink. 
Clouds.  Materials used:  Golden Glazes (aquamarine), Faber-Castell Gelatos. 

ICAD for July 23.  Materials used:  Transparencies, Faber-Castell Gelatos, Faber-Castell Big Brush Pens, sticker, Japanese paper sprayed with watercolor inks. 
Stars.  Materials used:  Transparency, vintage image, colored pencils, text, Ranger Alcohol Inks.
Luck.  Materials used:  Mrs. Grossman's mulberry paper stickers, fortunes from fortune cookies, Faber-Castell Gelatos in red and copper. 
Quote.  Materials used:  Vintage image of luna moth, scrapbooking paper, gel pen, quote from Edna St. Vincent Millay. Did you know luna moths only live about one week?  That is what inspired the quote.

Ivy.  Materials used:  Postage stamp, gel pen, scrapbooking paper. 

Envelope.  Materials used:  Handmade envelope from scrapbooking paper, Faber-Castell Gelatos. Below is the envelope with one of my artist trading cards peeking out. 

Frame.  Materials used:  Vintage image of woman, acetate frame (K & Company), vintage text.
In other news, the weather has temporarily cooled off.  But I understand it's going to hit 90 again this weekend.  I guess I'll have to hit the state park, if that's the case.  I'll also be hitting 47 this Saturday.  (My, that's a lot of hitting going on in this post).  Not exactly thrilled about it, but it is unavoidable.

Until next time, stay well, my friends!


  1. I got a laugh from your title. Your cards all look great. As far as reaching for the same colors all the time, I usually go with the blues/greens, until I get sick of them, then try orange/pink. Right now my art area is such a mess that I am only using what I can find easily because everything that I WANT seems to be buried. If one would put their stuff away where it belongs, maybe one could find it again! YIKES. Have a very Happy Birthday Sandra...remember, it's only a number, and it's only one day. I rarely feel any differently the day before my birthday as I do the day after. And I have about 20 of them on you!

  2. Thank you both! Alisa, I left a message on your blog. Ditto for your blog, Barbara. And thank you so much for the birthday wishes. All in all, it was an OK day. Lately I've been having these weird dreams in which I'm hanging out with people young enough to be my children. I wonder what that means?

  3. So, so beautiful!
    I crave these sea colors when the heat pounds down....they're so light and cooling,
    like cucumbers and moving water and breeze:)

  4. Thank you, Jennifer. I think my color preferences seem to follow the seasons. I love blues that make me want to dive into them, like the Caribbean!

  5. Icad too! :-) Your cards are so pretty, like greeting cards almost. I like the clouds best, it's beeeeutiful! :-) Thanks for sharing Sandra!

  6. Hi, Hanna, Thank you for visiting! I am so glad you like my cloud card--it's the first time I tried to draw something like that using water soluble crayons. Thanks again!

  7. Great title and great cards!

    I especially love the ones of your Mom and the clouds.

  8. Thank you, Eva. I am sure my mom would be pleased to hear that you like her card. Thanks for stopping by, too!