Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Dear Friends,

This post is dedicated to my good friend, Lynn, for a couple of reasons. First, because when I recently mentioned dressing up as a British schoolboy for Halloween back in 1983 or 1984, she asked to see a photo. Second, because it is her wedding anniversary! And third, because I think Halloween is Lynn's favorite holiday. And so, without further ado, here are some blasts from the past.
P.S. Happy Anniversary to you and Dave!

Halloween, 1977.
Here I am dressed as Scarlett O'Hara at age 13. The occasion was my BFF Ellen's Halloween party. I'm wearing my mom's dress from her college junior prom, ca. 1958. A friend later wore the same dress for Halloween. I think by now it is long gone, though for years it hung in our furnace room storage closet.

It's an interesting experience, wearing a hoop skirt. I really don't know how those Southern belles got around in them. At least I didn't have to wear a corset, chemise and pantalettes underneath. 

Mom and Dad at the prom
Here are my parents, with Mom in The Dress. Don't they make a handsome couple?

And last, but not least...
Halloween 1981
I think I found this dress in my friend Susanne's attic. It was an honest-to-goodness relic from the '60s. Now, some people would say I was not dressed up for Halloween that year, as I was heavily into punk rock anyway. However, I would not have worn a dress to school, most likely.

I wish I still had that handbag! It was faux leopard. Soft and furry!

Lynn, I couldn't find the "British schoolboy costume" photo. It must have gotten lost or tossed at some point. I hope you enjoyed these pics instead.

I wish everyone a Happy (and safe) Halloween!


  1. Love, love, love the photos! The Dress is fantastic. And are you sporting a beehive in the 1981 photo? Looks good!

    Thank you for the dedication! Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I'm not even in costume today -- too cold at the house to pull out all (okay, any of) the stops!

  2. Love the photos Sandra! You look cool as Scarlett. That's a beautiful dress, your Mom and Dad look mighty fine on prom night. I think I had a dress almost like that, only've got me wanting to search for the photo now.

    Wow the leopard outfit is pretty darn cute as well.

  3. Hi, Barbara--Thank you so much!

    When you find that photo of your blue dress, I definitely want to see it. I love that kind of stuff!

    I wish I still fit into these outfits! I had that leopard dress for years and years...

  4. Sandi, you looked so fantastic in the leopard dress. I recall we spent many an afternoon finding treasures in the attic. Those were some great times.

  5. Susanne--Thank you for visiting! We did have some great times, didn't we?

    I think the leopard purse belonged to my mom. She commented the other day that there was a belt that went with it (I think I remember that too!) and a beret (don't remember that).


  6. So cute...
    Coming around to visit late
    but still enjoying the grins:)
    Hope Novemer is a beautiful time
    for you, friend,

  7. Hi, Jennifer--Thank you for your sweetness and your visit!

    I wish you a lovely November, too, filled with warmth of the hearth.


  8. Thank you for sharing such fun pictures! Love the leopard!

  9. Cheri, I saw that you left a comment--but blogger doesn't seem to have accepted it.

    But I will say thanks for dropping by, and glad you liked the leopard!