Saturday, September 17, 2011

New month, new ICADs

Hello, Friends!

Seems like the past week just flew by! I've been busy with a few things here and there. There's something about September that says "busy," isn't there? Pretty soon we'll be seeing the squirrels all over the place, gathering up acorns and nuts for their winter stash.

In addition to doing my own artwork, I signed up for a class in graphic design at our local community college. I've done some design in my past jobs, but I really feel I could use a brush-up and some real, formal training, which I have never had. So far, I am enjoying the class and I like the teacher. And, the woman who sat next to me in class turned out to be the daughter of longtime friends of my husband's! How's that for "a small world"?

I also took part in Lenna Andrews' Summer's Day Postcard Swap, the deadline for which was yesterday. If you'd like a peek at my cards, as well as all the other beautiful postcards that are going to be exchanged, visit Lenna's swap blog here.

Tammy Garcia's ICAD project was originally going to end as of August 30. However, Tammy decided to continue with it into September, and so did I. This time around, I am using 4" x 6" index cards. I'm rather used to working in a smaller format, whether it's 3.5" x 5" index cards, or artist trading cards, and it's definitely a challenge to work larger. I am enjoying it immensely. And I'm finally using those supplies I was saving for a "really special project." You know what? Today is the day for that really special project! Grab those supplies and make something!

And so, without further adieu, here are some of my larger ICADs.

ICAD for Sept. 5. Materials used:  Various art papers, Starbucks stickers (thank you, Barbara!), washi tape, old dictionary text. 

Faux Quilt.  Materials used:  Leftover scraps of fabric on batting from Conversation Hearts, lovely fabric collages I learned to do from Tammy Gilley last year. I just glued them down onto the card. 
Sept. 7 Card (a/k/a the Pear Bird). Materials used: 7 Gypsies paper, waterproof pen, Caran d'ache Neocolor crayons, colored pencil. 
ICAD for Sept. 11. Materials used:  Found image, faux postage from Artchix Studio, paper tape, background papers, gold faux pearls.
ICAD for Sept. 12. Materials used:  Gouache. I don't use gouache much, but I find I love its deep opacity. It's also easy to write over, unlike some acrylics. 
ICAD for Sept. 14. Materials used: Transparency and egg image from Artchix Studio, faux postage, mulberry paper, paste papers, painted papers, Faber-Castell Gelatos.
ICAD for Sept. 15. Materials used:  Rub-ons, flower image from mail-order catalog, butterfly and background papers from collage box set featuring Maryjo Koch's artwork.
 What I've learned about myself thus far in this project:
  • I am surprised to find myself working with colors I thought I didn't like, such as brown, orange, and red. 
  • Everything doesn't have to be a "great work of art."  Sometimes I just stick things together and see what happens, and I'm surprised that the result isn't repugnant!
  • I really can commit to doing some art every day, something I have not been successful with earlier. Somehow, doing just one little card isn't too daunting. 
  • Having something to show everyone inspires me to blog more often. And it doesn't have to be something wonderful (see second bullet point above).
  • I found that I missed the project when it was ended. Kind of like missing having a daily walk (I am working on that one). 
I wish you a Happy Rest-of-the-Weekend! We will meet here again, soon, I hope.


  1. I like your index card art very much, Sandra. I am still not sure I want to do it myself, but I like looking at yours. Great variety & it looks like a lot of fun! : ) lenna

  2. Chel, thanks very much!

    Lenna, I don't know if I'll continue beyond September, but in the meantime it suits me OK. I might try for the Art Journal Every Day, which I tried earlier and didn't continue. Thanks again for dropping by!

  3. It's awesome, these creative bursts
    just shining from your heart these days!
    I love what you're making
    and becoming.
    And who you are:)

  4. Fabulous bunch of cards! I'm constantly needing to remind myself about your second bullet point. Making a card every day is challenging enough - posting the picture every day, whether you like the outcome or not, is something else entirely. Hooray for courage, and the support and inspiration of others. (plus I love the phrase "surprised it isn't repugnant" LOL)

  5. You've got all sorts of fun stuff going on, Sandra! Fun! xotammy

  6. @iamrushmore: I have to confess: there are cards I don't post. Usually they are rants of text that I'd prefer to keep private. But I usually do post the "art" ones, warts 'n all!

    @Tammy: Thanks so much for visiting. I have missed you!

    @Jennifer, thank you, sweetie! <3

  7. Great variety of cards. Your pear bird is so cute. Really like the woman in your Set.11 card. Love the butterfly one, I really like MaryJo Koch. do you have her series of books
    Bird Egg Feather Nest and so on? She's an amazing illustrator.

  8. Hi, Barbara--I don't have any of MaryJo Koch's books but I wish I did! They are so beautiful! Apparently Bird Egg Feather Nest goes up and down in price, depending on where you buy it!

    Thanks so much for your compliments!

    My Sept. 11 lady is an image I've used in other artwork. I just think she looks so brave and majestic and hopeful!