Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've got mail!

Hello, Friends--

Is there anything better than getting snail mail? Why, yes, there is--getting mail art!

Recently, I took part in Lenna Young Andrews' "A Summer's Day" postcard swap. I have been collecting postcards for about 40 years now (OK, I'm definitely giving away my age now) and am always happy to add more to my rather large collection. I've taken part in Lenna's swaps before and have been more than pleased with what I have received. The challenge was to make three postcards using the medium of our choice, and complete the phrase "A Summer's Day Is..." on the reverse side. I decided to hold my nose and jump into the water!

I received my three postcards yesterday and today. First into the mailbox was  Cynthia Zdanzukas' fun and flowery card, titled "A Summer's Day is cooled by shady trees."

Cynthia's card incorporates vintage sheet music, fabric flowers, and an image of that good, old-fashioned American pastime for kids in summer: bicycle riding! Cynthia, thank you so much for sharing your vision of a summer's day with me!

 Next, I received a swimming-themed card from Val Cowan in Scotland. Complete with stitched edges, a metal fish and some very cool watery images, Val says, "A summer day is a day for swimming!" I couldn't agree more. Thank you, Val! I'm pleased to add your card to my collection.

And finally, Marion Bockelman of Munster, Germany, has made a postcard to be remembered, just like her summer's day! Two Victorian ladies and three large seashells adorn the front of her card, along with nostalgic rubber stamping. To see more of Marion's artwork, visit her blog at www.bockel24.blogspot.com. Marion, thank you very much for your card!

Thank you again, ladies, and thank you, Lenna, for hosting this swap!

Until next time, stay well, and stay dry!


  1. oooo how fun is that! love the cards!

  2. so glad to read you received your postcards, Sandra. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, ladies, for dropping by! It was really a lot of fun. Maybe I should take part in swaps more often. Or try hosting one...oh my...there's a thought! ;)