Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Newest ICADS

Hi, Friends,

This will be a quick post, with my latest bunch of  ICADs.  I confess that I have not kept up with them every day.  I do try to make up for the days I've missed.

I've had some rough times these past few weeks, mostly about my struggle to find a job.  I've had a few interviews, but nothing has worked out.  I try not to complain on this blog about my personal life.  I want to keep it focused on my art.  But at times, I am very, very afraid about the future.  I don't qualify for any further unemployment compensation benefits, and I do not qualify for public assistance.  I'm overqualified for most clerical jobs (I was a secretary for 13 years) yet I don't seem to be qualified for a "better" class of jobs.  I can't lie about the fact that I earned a bachelor's degree--in fact, I'm damned proud of working through night school to earn one.  So, I feel rather stuck at the moment.  There have been many tears and hopeless thoughts.

But I keep trying.

Art is one of the only things that is getting me through it all.  That, and my pets, friends, and family.

So, without further adieu, here are my cards.

Le Lapin.  Materials used:  Pencil

Bubbles.  Materials used:  Rubber stamp, Faber-Castell Gelatos and Big Brush Pens.
Green.  Materials used:  Stickers, mulberry paper, paper leaves, sewn scrapbook paper.
Map.  Materials used:  Scrapbooking paper, transparency, image from my collection, postage stamps.
Stripes.  Materials used:  Images of Jack and Meg White (a/k/a The White Stripes), UPC code, various ephemera, PaperMate Permanent Markers. 
Owls 2.  Materials used:  Scrapbooking paper, ephemera, image from Alphastamps, faux postage from Artchix Studio, tissue pattern paper. 
Patriotic.  Materials used:  Vintage postage stamps, Faber-Castell Gelatos, vintage text from atlas. 
Postage Stamps.  Materials used: Vintage postage stamps, Faber-Castell Gelatos.
Pear.  Materials used:  Colored pencils.  This is a freshly picked pear, one of a bunch my husband picked.  Our pets have really been enjoying slices of these fruits of summer (as well as the branches and leaves from the tree). 

You'll notice I've been using a lot of postage stamps in my ICADs.  I plan to do a post on postoids, or faux postage, very shortly.  I've been creating some of these stamps in Photoshop Elements, and having a lot of fun.

Until next time, take care and stay cool--


  1. These are super! I love the stripes and the bunny. xoxo

  2. Beautiful cards, all of them. I love your bunny sketch. Are those owl postage stamps from Artchix? Really? Guess I'll be placing an order, I love them. I was happy to notice a couple of the things that were in the package I sent you!

  3. Jeannine, Thanks for visiting! Happy to see you!

    Barbara, Thanks so much. Yes, the owl stamps are on a collage sheet from Artchix that is all blue postage. And indeed, you have a good eye for recognizing those little green stickers from your care package! Thanks again!

  4. I like what you are doing with the index cards sandra. Usually the others I have seen various places have not really 'grabbed' me. But I do like what I see here! keep going!
    And, as hard as it may seem, keep moving forward in your search. The alternative is worse. I believe it is much better to try to continue to keep a positive attitude. I know you know this . . . I'm just doing a little cheering for you!! I think staying positive as much as you can will help your situation.
    : ) lenna

  5. Dear Lenna, Thank you so much! I feel I've been growing in my artwork a lot this summer.

    Thank you, too, for your encouragement re: the job. Every little bit helps! XOXO

  6. Sandra, I would love to learn more about faux postage and how to use stamps in art, it's something I've not explored. The pear is my favorite of the bunch!

  7. Hi, Gypsy: Thanks for visiting--I am working on my postage post now and hope to get it up and live this weekend. There are so many ways to create faux postage, and I've only touched on one of them.

    Thanks again!