Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Here

"I'm Here" Journal Page, 1/29-1/30/11. Water-soluble crayon and marker.
Lately I've been feeling rather lonely and adrift. Although I have many online friends and am happy to be part of the large online art community, I sometimes wish I had more friends locally. When you're unemployed, you tend to be rather isolated. Sometimes it seems as though everyone else is out there living their life, and I'm here at home, apart from it all.

I know I need to get out more, maybe volunteer somewhere. I spend too many hours in front of the computer, when I could be making art. I suppose I am not alone in that!

I've been staying busy with my online classes, and job hunting. The weather's been so cold I don't want to go out of doors. I suppose that this is where I am right now, and it's OK, and I can accept it.

But a good laugh with a good friend would be a good thing right about now, I think.


  1. I met Linda S. at a rubber stamp store and took her altered book class. Which led to me meeting EB, and so on and so life has not been the same since. Friends can make all the difference. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, Susan. I still can't believe Linda grew up a few miles from where I live and I had to go all the way to Hampton, Va., to meet her! tee hee Through her I met Jean, then you gals. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week for some arty fun!

    Thanks too for stopping by my blog!