Monday, December 27, 2010

A Conversation Heart

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and that your New Year will be equally great.

Personally, I like New Year's Eve better than Christmas. It's, shall we say, more relaxed. No gifts to get ready, no food to prepare (other than what hubby and I will eat) and no pressure.

Speaking of gifts, I made seven of these Conversation Hearts for family and friends this year. I  learned how from a class taught by the amazing Tammy Gilley. Each  heart featured hand embroidery (I still can't believe I did that!), buttons from my good friend Linda Schultz at, beads, a silver angel charm, hand-dyed seam binding from Memrie Marie and cute little paper forget-me-nots from 32NorthSupplies.

As a result of the class, I've become interested in crazy quilting. I'm  not precise enough for "real quilting" but crazy quilting leaves me a lot of latitude!

Enjoy your holiday, and have a happy, healthy New Year!


  1. Lovely, Sandra. What a great gift. Happy New Year.

  2. I saw one of these in person - just lovely!

  3. Oh! And I'm delighted that you're going to be a part of Art Journal Every Day!

  4. Diana, thank you! I wish you a Happy New Year too. Hoping to see you in 2011!

    Jean, Linda mentioned you had stopped by when Tom and Lesley were visiting. Thanks--compliments always blushingly accepted!

    milkcan, Just left a comment on your blog. I'm so glad you dropped by. I'm so glad you like my heart!

  5. =^..^= yummers ::sigh:: so very sweet.
    I adore hearts of all kinds ... and crazy quilting.
    Isn't it grand when we try new things and they end so wonderfully!

    ::HaPpY::HaPpY::2011:: xo zU

  6. zUzU, Thanks for coming by and for the compliment! I wish you a Happy 2011 too!

  7. I love your heart! gorgeous! Hope the little charm bits worked out from Michigan...I have been very happy with that vendor. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your heart is fantastic.

  9. Nancy, thanks so much! Yes, I love the stuff I got from Michigan. By the way, my mom lived in MI when she was little, just outside of Detroit, in Livonia.